Sweet Nature by Eddie

BeforeandafterSweet Nature by Eddie was created in 2007 after I found myself devastated after suffering from severe hair loss for several years, which was caused by an allergic reaction to bonding glue and a relaxer. I spent thousands of dollars purchasing every hair care product that said it would regrow my hair. I received steroid injections in my scalp and got infrared scalp treatments monthly with very minimal results. That year I started doing research on everything hair related I could; I was determined to grow my hair back! I also had a 4-year-old daughter that needed me to figure it out!

That same year I lost my job, was on the verge of losing my house and my marriage was over. The total chaos of not having a job, ending my marriage and desperately trying to grow my hair back and find healthy products for my daughter gave me the vision and drive to start my own business in the hair care industry thus Sweet Nature by Eddie was born! 

For 9 years, I served customers all over the US and built an international brand as a

NewsletterPhotosingle-mother while continuing to work a full-time job. I spent countless hours consulting, educating and speaking on the importance of choosing healthy hair care products and empowering women that struggled with hair loss, thinning hair, and dependency on chemicals and hair extensions/weaves. It filled me with joy to pour into the hair growth and personal growth of my customers and I am proud to have maintained relationships with so many of you over this lengthy hiatus!

260.jpgIn late 2015 my daughter Makyli got serious about pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, so I became her momager, which quickly became a third job! After a long debate and impossible demands on my time, I decided to put Sweet Nature by Eddie on hiatus in 2016, which was one of the hardest decision to make, but I knew was necessary in order for Makhyli to pursue her dreams. In late 2017 Makhyli signed to an agent and manager in LA and in February 2018, we relocated to LA to be closer to the action, build genuine relationships and immerse ourselves in the culture.


fbpost.jpgI have been so honored that for 2-1/2 years my wonderful customers have not forgotten about Sweet Nature by Eddie (join us on FB) and have continued to reach out to me about re-launching the products. I’ve had investors, beauty supply owners, and beauticians message me about wholesaling and retailing the brand up until just two weeks ago! Now that Makhyli and I are settled and life is finally feeling somewhat stable, we are relaunching the brand TOGETHER!!!!  Please join our mailing list to keep up with us, receive discounts and sign up to receive your FREE HAIR CARE GUIDE!

NEXT BLOG…The Evolution of Sweet Nature by Eddie. Starting from Humble and kind of pitiful beginnings!

Evolution of Sweet Nature by Eddie





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