Evolution of Sweet Nature by Eddie

Evolution of Sweet Nature by Eddie(See the last post for backstory) In 2007, I did some research on how to build a website and sell products from it. I designed my labels with stories of my struggles and triumphs and included pictures of natural scenery.  My life was pretty much a hot mess and I needed inspiration and figured I wasn’t the only one, I wanted to be a testimony to others.  I took the photos of the products sitting on my kitchen table with my camera phone. and stepped out on faith and started posting the sad little photos of the products on my blog. I didn’t name the product line until 2011! (OMG, I knew NOTHING about business or branding!)

Growth SprayIn 2011 I finally gave the products a name! I removed the inspiring wording, hired someone to create a logo, photograph the products and build me a real website! I also made each product label more uniform and added like a zillion more products to the line! I got so busy and worked tirelessly day and night to keep up with orders, customer service, and the administrative tasks needed to keep the business up and running, it was a great problem to have!

From 2016 until AUGUST 2018, Sweet Nature by Eddie was on hiatus while My Daughter pursued a career in acting and we relocated to Los Angeles, CA.

Now, in 2018, I’ve re-added the inspiration (cause we can all use it) in a more uniform way, made the packaging transparent and elegant and hired the SAME photographer that really upped her game


My website has also come a long way and I am refreshed and rejuvenated; ready to take on the challenges and thrive in the face of starting all over!

What an evolution with my packaging and my life!

Remember, no matter what…if there’s a will, there’s a way! If there’s something you want to do it will take work and dedication, but it will be well worth it in the end!


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