Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter is in full effect, we all have likely changed wardrobes, driving habits and should have changed our hair care regimen.  If you were lax in your hair care during the warmer months, you may have survived with minor damage, but if you do not take some serious precautions during the colder months, come Spring, you will definitely regret it.

Image result for black girl in winterBecause the winter months can wreak havoc on your hair, even in the warmer areas, it’s very important to choose low maintenance styles so that you do not have to comb or brush often. It’s also a great idea to incorporate a routine that causes very little stress on your hair such as letting the hair air dry instead of blow drying it; finger combing the hair instead of using an actual comb; or if you do use a comb, use a wide tooth comb. Also, chose good moisturizing hair care products that do not contain mineral oil, paraffin, petrolatum, SLS or SLES, as all of these cause dryness, which can be found at Sweet Nature by Eddie of course. Use code “TryMe” for 15% off your entire order.

The harsh cold and frosty winds can cause excessive dryness and dandruff, and if you don’t retain or replenish the moisture in your hair, breakage will soon follow. The best way to combat this is by protecting the hair. During the winter, I never leave out of my house without my hair being covered. I generally wear a satin or silk scarf under my winter hat to preserve the style as well as prevent direct contact with the harsh material most hats are made of. Image result for black girl in winter

In the winter the air becomes extremely dry and harsh; inside and outside. In order to retain moisture in your hair during the day, it is good to use a humidifier to emit humidity in the air inside of your home or office.  This will not only combat dry and brittle hair but can help prevent or minimize dandruff and keep the skin supple and hydrated.

Many women opt to wear protective styles during the winter. Protective styles are styles that guard the ends of the hair against the elements; buns, braid extensions, and weaves are a few protective styles to consider. Each of these styles is generally low maintenance, and if maintained properly will help to retain moisture and length while allowing you to preserve as much of your hair as possible throughout the winter months.

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If you choose to wear a bun, it’s important to make sure the hair is not pulled back too tightly, as this may cause stress on the hairline, leading to breakage or balding. It is also a good idea to take the bun down every night and lightly mist the ends (about the last 2 inches of hair) with a good moisturizing spray, and then lock in that moisture with a heavier moisturizer. This will leave the hair super soft, strong and moisturized in the morning. Some people opt for the faux bun and apply a baggy around the hair before attaching the bun in order to further protect and hydrate the hair.

Image result for black girl in winterBraid extensions are also a great choice for winter months. If you follow these simple tips, not only will you preserve your hair, but you will have much stronger, softer and healthier hair come Spring.  When using synthetic braiding hair such as yaki, kanekelon or other synthetic fibers, it is best to soak the hair in apple cider vinegar and then rinse in cool water before applying extensions. Synthetic braids are coated with a chemical that causes the hair to dry out significantly; this will strip the chemical away. Another way to reduce dryness is by spraying the hair with a moisturizing braid spray every day. You don’t have to drench the hair; a fine mist throughout the extensions will suffice. Sweet Nature by Eddie has a Protective Style Kit that will work wonders for maintaining healthy hair whenever wearing braids.

Image result for black girl in winterWeaves are considered protective only if they are applied in a healthy way and the real hair is accessible so it can be cared for. Leave-outs aren’t generally the best route to go as the part of the hair is exposed to the elements. A Sew-in where the hair is cornrowed, out of harm’s way is the easiest way to continue to care for the real hair underneath.  The only things that are essential are retaining moisture and strength by replenishing both regularly. The Protective Style Kit has a leave-in conditioner to replenish strength and an easy to apply moisturizer to retain hydration. Depending on the quality of the weave, it’s a good idea to run water through the hair on a regularly, followed with a good moisturizing spray.

Regardless of which protective style you chose to rock during the winter, it’s important to make water your best friend; drink plenty of it and let it run through your hair often. You don’t have to shampoo your hair every time you get it wet, but just letting the water run through your hair will restore lost moisture.  When I wear braid extensions, I let the water run through my braid every other day; although I wash them only once a week. I also try to kick up my water intake.

The best way of all to combat winter damage is to be proactive. If you start out with your hair strong and healthy before the winter, it will be a lot easier to maintain and preserve during winter. Adopt a weekly routine of washing with a moisturizing shampoo void of SLS and SLES; a protein-rich deep conditioner, an ultra-hydrating moisturizer that does not contain mineral oil, petrolatum or paraffin, as these ingredients lead to dryness.

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